Construction Management (CM)

An effective approach towards true collaboration which starts during conceptual design within the pre-construction phase of the project. The Krill Co., Inc. considers this deliverable the most effective risk management service available to our clients. Early involvement increases the project’s success margin through accurate and detailed conceptual estimating, master planning, and continuous cost analysis.

Learn more about the success rate of Construction Management and the benefits of working with The Krill Co., Inc.

Design Build

When a client desires professional services in design, estimating, scheduling, and cost analysis, yet does not want to manage the process independently, the Design-Build approach places The Krill Co., Inc. at the helm. As primary point of contact with all disciplines of architecture and engineering, our clients can count on Krill to be transparent and manage the responsibilities of leadership to navigate through the design and construction process

General Contractor

The traditional industry deliverable where the client hires an architect and supporting engineers to design a project. The completed construction documents are then bid by The Krill Co., Inc. and presented as a stipulated sum for award and approval. Krill’s reputation and relationship with the local subcontracting community allows this deliverable to be an advantageous approach with our clients.


The Krill Co., Inc. offers professional services to support our construction clients and architectural community.

Owner’s Representative
As an Owner’s Representative, Krill embraces the responsibilities of managing the master scheduling; monthly cost advisement; architectural and consulting review; and monitoring of the construction contractor and disciplines.

We understand that as a perspective client there may be unfamiliarity with the industry and protocols. Let The Krill Co., Inc. guide the way to take the worry out of the process allowing you to focus on your business.

Pre-Construction Estimating & Scheduling
Conceptual cost estimating is the art of looking past the lines on a drawing to create an accurate and thoughtful estimate that represents the intent of an early design.

Krill’s expertise in conceptual cost estimating and master scheduling offers great support to our clients and partners in the A/E industry. We recognize the importance of an early project estimate and timeline, most notably in an ever-changing economic market.