Krill Grill is Open!

Summer is here and that means one thing for employees…the Krill Grill is fired up! The Krill Grill is a weekly cookout that takes place on the roof top patio of our building. Each week different members of our team get to be the chef and prepare lunch for office employees. The Krill Grill is a great way to bring employees together and take a break from the typical workday. This past week Project Manager, Josh Kocsis and Senior Vice-President, Dan Audia were the grill masters and put their culinary skills to the test when cooking for their fellow colleagues. When asked what the best part of the Krill Grill is Kocsis said, “the Krill Grill is a great place to put work on pause, bring the team together and enjoy each other’s company. “ The Krill Grill is a summer favorite for employees and guests of the company.

Facing the Cleveland skyline, the roof top deck offers amazing views and a perfect outdoor space for employees. This is the Krill Grill’s 8th season, the cookout originally started in the parking lot, but upgraded once the rooftop deck was built 2 years ago. Regardless of location- each year it brings great memories, team building and, of course, great food!

We are excited for what the Krill Grill has in store for the season and what will be cooking on the grill next!