The Krill Co., Inc. Welcomes New Employees

Cleveland, OH, June 27th, 2022- The Krill Co., Inc. is pleased to announce the new employment of Assistant Field Superintendent Adam Fortunato, Assistant Project Managers Michael Glatz, and Joseph Bowers, and Project Manager Josh Kocsis.  Krill is happy to take this opportunity to foster growth in these new employees and their careers.

Joining his fellow Falcon colleagues, Adam Fortunato started at Krill in August of 2021 as an Assistant Field Superintendent. Adam graduated with a Construction Management degree in 2020 from BGSU. Throughout college he worked in the industry obtaining many relevant skills and tricks of the trade he has brought to Krill. “Commercial construction is something I’ve wanted to be involved with, because it is both challenging and rewarding from the beginning of the project to the end. What I’ve found is that you never stop learning and that each day presents a new and different set of challenges that you must overcome.”

A recent Cleveland State University graduate Michael Glatz joins the Krill team with a Bachelors of Science in Civil Engineering earned in 2021. With 10 years of relevant experience under his belt he currently serves as an Assistant Project Manager for Krill where is oversees projects from conception to completion and remains detail oriented to keep track of subcontracts and scheduling in order to keep projects on the appropriate timelines. “I chose Krill due to the diversity of the projects, the opportunity for vertical movement within the company and the professional atmosphere.”

Joseph Bowers joined the Krill team as an Assistant Project Manager in January. He graduated from Kent State University in 2016 with a degree in Marketing and entered the construction industry in 2019. “I knew Krill was the company I wanted to be with immediately after my interview. I could tell the company culture was what I was looking for. I still have a lot to learn but I am happy to do that with this company alongside the Krill family.”

Josh Kocsis also began work in January as a Project Manager. He started in the industry in 2016 working for another contractor while completing his degree in Construction Management at Kent State University. After 6 years in previous positions, he decided it was time for change and to take on additional responsibilities. “When I heard Krill was hiring, I knew it was my time to make a change in my career. After working with Krill on multiple projects in my previous role, I already knew Krill’s culture and how they operated. I always enjoyed being on their projects so, coming to Krill was a no brainer for me” Over the last 6 months Josh has been successful in creating good relationships with clients and bringing new knowledge to Krill team.

“The Krill Co., Inc. is investing in the future of the company with the recent additions of Adam, Josh, Mike and Joe.  Sharing experiences through a mentoring program is what has made succession successful within the company.  We look forward to the growth and contribution of each employee within a company strong in reputation and culture. ” – CEO and Co-Owner, Jeff Gliebe.


Since 1932, The Krill Co., Inc. has been building and renovating the landscape of Ohio. The expertise Krill delivers in Construction Management, General Contracting, Design-Build and Owners Rep services is highly regarded and repetitively sought by Ohio’s leading corporations and institutions.