The Krill Co., Inc. Welcomes New Employees

The Krill Co., Inc. Welcomes

Cleveland, OH, July 27th, 2022- The Krill Co., Inc. is pleased to announce the new employment of Hayley Fatzinger, Office Communications Coordinator, Melissa Nahrstedt, Assistant Project Superintendent and Sam Williams, Co-op/Intern. Krill is happy to take this opportunity to foster growth in these new employees and their careers.

A two time Bowling Green State University Graduate, Hayley Fatzinger joined the Krill team in  May. She graduated in 2021 with a Bachelors in Marketing and Communication and in 2022 with a Masters in Media and Communication. Hayley serves as Krill’s Office Communication Coordinator. She is running  company social media accounts, and is developing marketing and communication strategies to  better represent the Krill brand. “I am thrilled to join the Krill team, after starting work I felt immediately welcomed and excited to work. The environment at Krill is one that values collaboration and respect, each individual employee is essential for success, and I am so excited to be a part of that kind of team!”

Melissa Nahrstedt joined the Krill team in June, after a receiving an Associates of Applied Science for Construction Engineering Technology from Cuyahoga Community College in 2021. Prior to her employment at Krill, she has worked in the industry as a Project Engineering Assistant for almost 2 years. She now is an Assistant Project Superintendent at Krill where she will oversee all field operations, including managing compliance with safety procedures, quality control and subcontractor workforce management. “I see Krill as a fantastic opportunity to both further my career and experience level, while working alongside extremely knowledgeable personnel in the greater Cleveland area.”

Third year construction management student, Sam Williams comes to Krill from Bowling Green State University with extensive knowledge of the industry. He is currently serving as a summer intern and working exclusively on Krill’s projects at John Carroll University which include Schott Dining Hall and Pacelli Hall. Sam began his interest in the industry at a young age and has always been fascinated by the construction management career path. “I am looking to get a lot out of this experience and learn as much as I can. Having the opportunity with a great company like Krill puts me in the best position moving forward.”  

“We are very pleased to welcome Melissa Nahrstedt and fellow Falcons Hayley Fatzinger and Sam Williams to The Krill Family.  As a company we believe in the process of mentoring young talented individuals who want to make a difference in the industry. 

With a background in Media and Communications, Hayley Fatzinger has quickly earned the adopted title of ‘everything communication’.  As a self-starter, Hayley’s has had an immediate impact in social media and company communications.

It is obvious that Sam Williams knows his way around a jobsite with his knowledge and communication skills.  We look forward to him furthering his education and returning next summer as he pursues fulltime employment.

Melissa Nahrstedt’s positive attitude and work ethic provides a foundation for immediate growth.  We look forward to her developing a career within the organization as one of Krill’s key field contributors.

 Welcome Hayley, Melissa, and Sam!”

 – CEO and Co-Owner, Jeffrey R. Gliebe.